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Glymur is located in Iceland
LocationWest of Iceland
Coordinates64°23′45″N 21°14′28″W / 64.39583°N 21.24111°W / 64.39583; -21.24111
Total height198 m (650 ft)
Number of drops1

Glymur (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈklɪːmʏr̥]) is the second-highest waterfall in Iceland, with a cascade of 198 m. It was long regarded as the tallest until being surpassed by Morsárfoss, a newly measured waterfall near Morsárjökull in 2011.[1]

It is situated at the rear end of the Hvalfjörður. Since the opening of the Hvalfjörður Tunnel under this fjord, visitor numbers have dropped.[citation needed]

The river Botnsá [ˈpɔsːˌauː] runs from the Hvalvatn lake and after a short distance the water falls down alongside the Hvalfell mountain into a steep canyon. The waterfall can be accessed from a parking area at the end of the road. Hikers can view the waterfall from marked paths on the east side of the river Botnsá.


Second picture is an engraving showing people trying to escape from a monster whale. It is an illustration to the Icelandic legend of Redhead (Rauðhöfði [ˈrœiðˌhœvðɪ]) which is said to be the cause of formation of Glymur.

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