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Glyn Harman (born 2 November 1956) is a British mathematician working in analytic number theory.[1] One of his major interests is prime number theory. He is best known for results on gaps between primes and the greatest prime factor of p + a, as well as his lower bound for the number of Carmichael numbers up to X. His monograph entitled Prime-detecting Sieves was published by Princeton University Press. He has also written a book entitled Metric Number Theory, and he has in addition contributed to the field of Diophantine approximation.[2]

Harman retired at the end of 2013 from being a professor at Royal Holloway, University of London.[1] Previously he was a professor at Cardiff University.

Harman is married, and has three sons,[1] and used to live in Wokingham, Berkshire before moving to Harrow, Middlesex/Greater London.


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