Glynis Oliver

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Glynis Oliver
BornGlynis Oliver
Pseudonym(s)Glynis Wein
Spouse(s)Len Wein (divorced)

Glynis Oliver, also credited as Glynis Wein (/wn/) is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry. For several years, she was married to Len Wein. She returned to her maiden name in 1985.


In the fall of 1972, Len Wein and writers Gerry Conway and Steve Englehart crafted a metafictional unofficial crossover spanning titles from both major comics companies. Each comic featured Englehart, Conway, and Len Wein, as well as Glynis Wein, interacting with Marvel or DC characters at the Rutland Halloween Parade in Rutland, Vermont. Beginning in Amazing Adventures #16 (by Englehart with art by Bob Brown and Frank McLaughlin), the story continued in Justice League of America #103 (by Len Wein, Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano), and concluded in Thor #207 (by Conway and penciler John Buscema).[1][2][3]


She has been recognized for her work in the industry with a Shazam Award for Best Colorist in 1973.[4]


Comics work includes (incomplete):


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