Glyph (album)

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Studio album by Floater
Released May 1995
Genre Rock
Length 69:05
Label Elemental Records
Producer Floater
Studio chronology
Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone
(1998)Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone1998
Audio sample
Sample of "The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy".

Glyph is an album released by Floater in May 1995. Engineered and mixed by the Grammy-nominated Drew Canulette (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Neil Young).[1] Glyph received a preliminary Grammy nomination in the category of Best Alternative Performance. The album was initially intended to be an EP featuring leftover songs that never made it onto the Sink album. Some of the tracks, such as The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy, The Face of Order, and Dead, were previously recorded on the Sink demo tape prior to the release of the Sink album. Later, though, additional tracks were added, blending the entire album into one complete, seamless audio experience. The hit single is "The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy" which received national radio play on Z Rock stations.[2] The album is also the first time that Peter Cornett debuted a track featuring his vocals. "Bottle" would not be his last either, as he again appeared on the Acoustics album. Two versions of Glyph are known to exist.[3] The first press, which had a very limited release, has the same artwork as on both albums, but the fonts appear to be a white Arial, with "Floater" and "Glyph" on the cover, and no title on the disc. The disc artwork matches the artwork found on the cover. The inside tray also has the same artwork as the cover. The fourth track "Silt" was renamed "Midnight Ride" when released on the second pressing, and was six seconds longer than "Midnight Ride". The second press, which is the most common, has a yellow/gold font and shows an Egyptian hieroglyph which represents rejoicing, support, or exaltation, the same is on the disc art. The inside tray art is different and has the glyph symbol with a different background than the original release. Some of the earlier releases of the second press of Glyph also included a paper flyer (the same size as the cover) inserted with the disc promoting the previous album Sink. The original first pressing was of 500 copies.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Knowing Dirge" – 5:45
  2. "... But the Rain Never Came" – 0:57
  3. "Cinema" – 4:55
  4. "Silt" - 2:58 (1st pressing) "Midnight Ride" – 2:52 (2nd pressing)
  5. "All the Stories but One" – 6:41
  6. "Dead" – 3:47
  7. "Intermezzo" – 2:07
  8. "Isolation" – 4:40
  9. "Clean Plastic Baby" – 9:01
  10. "The Face of Order" – 4:17
  11. "Pet" – 4:45
  12. "Persecutor" – 6:41
  13. "Bottle" – 3:07
  14. "The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy" – 3:17
  15. "Crawl Into You" – 6:11
  16. "Untitled" - 0:44


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