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Developer(s) Florian Bersier
Development status Active
Written in JavaScript, XUL, HTML, CSS
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mozilla extension, Google Chrome Extension, Opera Extension
License MPL

Gmelius is a free browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera that customises the look and feel[1] of web mail service Gmail. The extension adds over 40 new functionalities to Gmail including email scheduling, email reminders and email followup. It also provides Gmail users a way to customize which interface elements they wish to display in their inbox, as well as how they want to use them.[2][3] Gmelius is well known[1][3] for proposing a cleaner and customizable user interface to Gmail's new look;[4] the page format was made compulsory in April 2012.[5]

Technical information[edit]

Gmelius rests on JavaScript and CSS to modify Gmail's user interface.


Gmelius for Mozilla Firefox has been available since March 2010 and was originally known as Gmail Ad Remover.[6] Current version of the extension, version 5.6, was released at the end of August 2012.[6] Gmelius is developed and maintained since its creation by Florian Bersier.[7]


All Gmelius features are optional and have to be activated by its users. Its list of features include:

  • Schedule emails (Send later)
  • Email reminders (Snooze)
  • Send and follow up
  • Email templates and hashtags
  • To-do list and task manager
  • Detect and block trackers
  • Automatic Cc and Bcc
  • Gmail read receipts
  • Send and add labels
  • Unsubscribe in 1-click
  • Personalize Gmail interface
  • Markdown support
  • Print cleaner emails
  • Email row highlighter
  • Expendable Gmail Header, including keyboard shortcut
  • De-obfuscation of email addresses
  • Resizing of inline images
  • Scroll to top functionality à la Google+ by clicking on the top Google bar
  • Back to Inbox by clicking on Google logo
  • Larger space left to read/write emails by removing the so-called "People Widget"
  • Add text to Gmail navigation icons
  • Colourize Gmail navigation icons
  • Move labels of messages from the left to the right of Gmail inbox
  • Move attachment icons from the right to the left of Gmail inbox (old Gmail Official Lab)
  • Remove Chat
  • Remove statuses in Chat
  • Remove Chat/Calendar and Documents widget
  • Add Google Voice to top navigation bar
  • Replace Google News by Google Reader in the top navigation bar
  • Remove Google Play from the top navigation bar
  • Remove scroll bars in Chat and Preview Pane
  • Remove Footer
  • Remove "No new mail!" message when inbox is empty
  • Disable "Consider including" when writing emails
  • Homogenize the appearance of incoming emails, i.e. same font/color/size
  • Add attachment icons instead of the Gmail paperclip
  • Remove Gmail ads


Gmelius has an average rating close to 5-star on the various platforms where it is available.[8][9][10] The extension has been featured on multiple news websites including TechCrunch,[1] LifeHacker,[3] PCWorld,[2] MakeUseOf [11] and others and currently averages 100.000 daily users.

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