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Developer(s) Gmelius Ltd
Written in JavaScript, NodeJS, CSS, VueJS
Operating system Cross-platform

Gmelius is a freemium application available for Google Chrome, Safari and Opera that customises the look and feel[1] of web mail service Gmail. The extension adds over 40 new functionalities to Gmail including email scheduling, email reminders and email followup. It also provides Gmail users a way to customize which interface elements they wish to display in their inbox, as well as how they want to use them.[2][3] Gmelius is well known[1][3] for proposing a cleaner and customizable user interface to Gmail's new look;[4] the page format was made compulsory in April 2012.[5]

Technical information[edit]

Gmelius rests on JavaScript and CSS to modify Gmail's user interface and communicates with Gmail's API for all back-end operations.


Gmelius has an average rating close to 5-star on the various platforms where it is available.[6][7][8] The extension has been featured on multiple news websites including TechCrunch,[1] LifeHacker,[3] PCWorld,[2] MakeUseOf [9] and others and currently averages 150.000 daily users.


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