Gmina Rudka

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Gmina Rudka
Rudka Commune
Coat of arms of Gmina Rudka
Coat of arms
Gmina Rudka is located in Poland
Gmina Rudka
Gmina Rudka
Coordinates (Rudka): 52°43′42″N 22°43′50″E / 52.72833°N 22.73056°E / 52.72833; 22.73056Coordinates: 52°43′42″N 22°43′50″E / 52.72833°N 22.73056°E / 52.72833; 22.73056
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Podlaskie
County Bielsk
Seat Rudka
 • Mayor Andrzej Anusiewicz
 • Total 70.21 km2 (27.11 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Total 2,170
 • Density 31/km2 (80/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 17-123
Area code(s) +48 085
Car plates BBI

Gmina Rudka [ˈrudka] is a rural gmina (Polish:gmina wiejska) in Bielsk County, Podlaskie Voivodeship. It is located in north-eastern Poland.


Gmina Rudka is located in the geographical region of Europe known as the Wysoczyzny Podlasko – Bialoruskie (English: Podlaskie and Belarus Plateau) and the mezoregion known as the Równina Bielska (English: Bielska Plain).

The gmina covers an area of 70.21 square kilometres (27.1 sq mi).


It is located approximately:


The region has a continental climate which is characterized by high temperatures during summer and long and frosty winters . The average amount of rainfall during the year exceeds 550 millimetres (21.7 in).


Two rivers pass through the Gmina:


Detailed data as of 31 December 2007:[1]

  Total Women Men
Unit Number  % Number  % Number  %
Population 2,170 100 1,058 48.8 1,112 51.2
Population Density
30.9 15.1 15.8

Municipal government[edit]

Gmina Rudka in Bielsk County

Its seat is the village of Rudka.

Executive branch[edit]

The chief executive of the government is the mayor (Polish: wójt).

Legislative branch[edit]

The legislative portion of the government is the Council (Polish: Rada) comprising the President (Polish: Przewodniczący), the Vice-President (Polish: Wiceprzewodniczący) and thirteen councilors.


The following villages are contained within the gmina:

Józefin, Karp, Koce Borowe, Niemyje-Jarnąty, Niemyje-Skłody, Niemyje-Ząbki, Nowe Niemyje, Rudka, Stare Niemyje.

Neighbouring political subdivisions[edit]

Gmina Rudka is bordered by the town of Brańsk and by the Gminy of Brańsk, Ciechanowiec, Grodzisk and Klukowo.


Roads and highways[edit]

A Voivodeship Road passes through Gmina Rudka:

Local attractions[edit]

  • Ossoliński Palace - eighteenth century baroque architecture. Built in 1763, rebuilt in the years 1913-1914, the so-called 'New palace " of about 1930. Orangery brick from the second half of the eighteenth century, brick and wood buildings and czworaki from the nineteenth and twentieth in, park, 1763;

Nearby attractions[edit]