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Black Dog Mining - Gn15.jpg
The Sidelines Kits Gn15 demo layout
Scale ratio 1:22.5 - 1:29
Model gauge 16.5 mm (0.65 in)
Prototype gauge 15 in (381 mm)
(Minimum gauge railway)

Gn15 is a model railroad scale.

Generally Gn15 Models are G scale trains running on HO/OO (16.5 mm/​0.65 in) track, thus representing minimum gauge and miniature railways. Typical models built between 1:20.3 and 1:24,[1] but scales from 1:22.5 to 1:29 have been used. Despite the often contentious scale name debates prevalent in the large scale community, the Gn15 community has universally accepted the term Gn15 as the name for this scale over other possible names.


Gn15 modeling is a relatively new phenomenon in the model railroading world. While the idea of this scale has existed for some time, as evidenced by the early efforts of Marc Horovitz, editor of Garden Railways magazine, Gn15 did not gain any measure of popularity until the Sidelines range of models. Following the advent of these kits, a few other lines of kits became available.

Initial community development took place on Yahoo email groups, but these have been superseded by the forums at as the primary form of communication between the far flung practitioners of this scale.

09, GNine and related scales[edit]

Alongside Gn15 other modeling scales have developed to cover both the modelling of minimum gauge lines in scales smaller than G, and 'miniature' lines (less than 15 in/​381 mm) in G scale.

O9 or On15 is the use of N gauge track in 7mm scale to represent a 'minimum gauge' line. In comparison GNine is the use of 9mm track to represent 'miniature' lines. GNine is a 'flexible' term for scale, referring to modelling using garden railway scales and N gauge track. GNine models can be built to scales between 7/8" and 1:35 representing anything between 5 in (127 mm) gauge and 12 14 in (311 mm) miniature railways.[2]


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