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GNOD (2015)

Gnod are a British rock band from Salford, Greater Manchester, England.[1][2][3] Formed in 2006, the band was described in a review of its 2011 release Ingnodwetrust as "a collective from Manchester with an ever-rotating list of members."[4] Its current lineup since 2012 is made up of key members Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Marlene Ribeiro, Alex Macarte and Andy Blundell,[5][6] with a rotating cast of players, including drummers Jesse Webb and John Perry and vocalist Neil Francis.[1][6] In addition to releasing its work on Rocket Recordings, the band's own Tesla Tapes label[2] serves, according to its Bandcamp page, as "an outlet for musical projects and meanderings by Gnodheads past, present & future and friends of Gnod all over the world."[1]

As part of its residency at the Islington Mill Art Academy, the band curated "Tangent", an installation by sound artist Callum Higgins.[2] According to the academy's website, the event "transformed our club space into a fully immersive, light reactive environment. Using the PA system and light sensitive noise creating circuits people were directed into the room in small groups equipped with only a torch to guide them around. Their very presence and behaviour in the room manipulated and shaped their unique experience.[7] The band also participates in a recurring shared club night at Islington Mill called Gesamtkunstwerk,[1] (German for "whole arts work".)[2] Reviewing a Gnod performance there, New Musical Express said, "this band are crazy good ... see them live now."[8]

According to founding Gnod member Paddy Shine, Tesla Tapes takes its name from Nikola Tesla; band members cite such other non-musical influences as Kurt Vonnegut, David Simon, Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake.[1] Asked what the band would like to tell the world, Chris Haslam responds "Rebel! Rebel! We are many, they are few!"[1]


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