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Screenshot of Gnoppix desktop
Gnoppix 2.12
Developer Andreas Mueller
OS family Unix-like
Working state Discontinued
Source model Open source
Latest release 2.12 / September 7, 2005
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
License Various
Official website

Gnoppix is an operating system primarily intended to offer the GNOME desktop environment on a Live CD, allowing the operating system to be used without installing it to hard disk.

Gnoppix is inspired by Knoppix, a Live CD distribution which used KDE for its user interface until the version 6 release when it switched to LXDE. Both distributions are based on Advanced Packaging Tool, designed for Debian. The name is a play on Knoppix but with a G, in the tradition of naming GNOME apps with an initial G (to KDE's K). Although Gnoppix was intended to be used as a Live CD, it could also be installed to and booted from a hard disk. Gnoppix was originally built around its own customised Live CD environment. The main developer, Andreas Mueller, was hired by Canonical to continue his work at Ubuntu.[citation needed]

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