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Go! Comi was the publishing imprint of the American multimedia company, Go! Media Entertainment, LLC,[1] established to "specializ(e) in publishing Japanese comics for the American market, and in creating new manga and manga-oriented properties for both the Japanese and American markets."[2]


Go! Comi was launched in 2005.[3] They published such best-selling series as the Eisner-nominated After School Nightmare, Cantarella, Her Majesty's Dog, Tenshi Ja Nai!! and Crossroad. The company's CEO was television writer David Wise.

The imprint was shut down during the manga bust that followed the recession.[4] The official website stopped being updated in early 2010 and expired in May of that year.[5]

In 2011, the site was relaunched under new owners with instructions to donate to a PayPal account to revive the publisher, but former Go! Comi Creative Director Audry Taylor confirmed that the new website was a scam not associated with the defunct imprint.[6]

Distributed Titles[edit]


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