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Go-Gurt, also known as Yoplait Tubes in Canada and as Frubes in the United Kingdom, is an American brand of processed sweetened yogurt marketed to children.[1] It is squeezed out of a tube directly into the mouth, instead of being eaten with a spoon. It was introduced by General Mills' licensed Yoplait in 1999.


Anthropologist Susan Squires claims that her ethnographic research in U.S. American families led her client to the development of Go-Gurt.[2]


In June 2006, frubes Fizzix, a carbonated yogurt snack, was released under the Yoplait brand. This "sparkling yogurt" was originally developed by Lynn Ogden, a professor in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University (BYU), in 1983. Ogden obtained a patent in 1997 and finally found an interested licensor at General Mills in 2006. BYU receives 55% of the royalties, which will go toward BYU's mentoring program and research, while Ogden receives the rest.[3][4] Fizzix was available in six flavors, but appears to have been discontinued.[5]

In 2005, frubes Smoothie, a drinkable yogurt for children was released.[6] The product currently comes in four flavors: Strawberry Splash, Paradise Punch, Mango Blast, and Wild Berry.[7]


Outside of the U.S., Go-Gurt is sold as "Yoplait Tubes" in Canada and as "Frubes" in the United Kingdom. It was introduced in Japan as "グルト" (guruto) in March 2010. The name is a play on words as it evokes the sound of gulping a liquid and incorporates part of the Japanese transliteration of yogurt, ヨーグルト (yo-guruto). Go-Gurt is also available in Australia where they are known as "Yoplait Go-Gurt" or simply "Go-Gurt". There is also another brand available in Australia known as "Yoplait Smackers" and is aimed at young girls.[8][9][10][11][12]


Generally, each box comes with two different flavours.

Special editions[edit]




A limited edition in 2009 had 2 flavors represented by cave people reminiscent of The Flintstones. Besides the 'tub' in their names, they would be Lulu and Ook.[13] [clarification needed]

  • Acai (mascot is Lulutub, purple-haired woman wearing a black and white dress and a pearl necklace)
  • Red bayberry (mascot is Tubôôk, red-haired man wearing black and red toga)


Some specially marked packages had a form where you could send in for a Tube Chiller with 2 UPCs. Offer expired 6/3/2011.[14]

Newer packages include a Tube Roller for rolling the tube up.[15]


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