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Go-GURT, also known as Yoplait Tubes in Canada and as Frubes in the United Kingdom, is an American brand of low-fat yogurt for children. It is squeezed out of a tube directly into the mouth, instead of being eaten with a spoon. It was introduced by General Mills licensed Yoplait in 1998 as the first yogurt made specifically for kids.


Stephen Kaufman of Green Bay, WI, a food scientist, and Jim McGuire, a research and development technician, came up with the invention while working for General Mills in the late 1980s after Kaufman was browsing through a women's magazine and seeing shampoo samples.[1] The original idea was based off frozen ice pops. Kaufman told the Minneapolis–Saint Paul magazine City Pages that the original conception was for the yogurt to be firm so the tube would stand straight up — like an ice pop — but when that didn't work out, they shifted toward a creamy, slurpable yogurt.

The original idea faced internal opposition at General Mills. Kaufman used hotel shampoo pouches as an inspiration to create prototypes of Go-Gurt, which he made himself on a personal-care product pouching machine he rented, to convince General Mills engineers of the idea's worthiness.[1]

Go-Gurt became a side option in McDonalds' Happy Meals in 2014.

Anthropologist Susan Squires claims that her ethnographic research in U.S. American families led her client to the development of Go-GURT.[2]


In June 2006, frubes Fizzix, a carbonated yogurt snack, was released under the Yoplait brand. This "sparkling yogurt" was originally developed by Lynn Ogden, a professor in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University (BYU), in 1983. Ogden obtained a patent in 1997 and finally found an interested licensor at General Mills in 2006. BYU receives 55% of the royalties, which will go toward BYU's mentoring program and research, while Ogden receives the rest.[3][4] Fizzix was available in six flavors, but appears to have been discontinued.[5]

In 2005, frubes Smoothie, a drinkable yogurt for children was released.[6] The product currently comes in four flavors: Strawberry Splash, Paradise Punch, Mango Blast, and Wild Berry.[7]


Outside of the U.S., Go-GURT is sold as "Yoplait Tubes" in Canada and as "Frubes" in the United Kingdom. It was introduced in Japan as "グルト" (guruto) in March 2010. The name is a play on words as it evokes the sound of gulping a liquid and incorporates part of the Japanese transliteration of yogurt, ヨーグルト (yo-guruto). Go-Gurt is also available in Australia where they are known as "Yoplait Go-GURT or simply "Go-GURT". There is also another brand available in Australia known as "Yoplait Smackers" and is aimed at young girls.[8][9][10][11][12]


Generally, each box comes with two different flavors.[13]

  • Strawberry / Berry
  • Strawberry / Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry / Vanilla
  • Strawberry / Mixed Berry
  • Strawberry / Punch
  • Strawberry Banana / Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry Banana / Watermelon
  • Strawberry Banana / Raspberry
  • Strawberry Watermelon / Punch
  • Berry / Cherry
  • Melon Berry / Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry
  • Peach / Blueberry (Canada)
  • Raspberry / Grape (Canada)
  • Strawberry / Cherry (Canada)
  • Fruit Punch / Strawberry-Banana (Canada)

Special editions[edit]




A limited edition in 2009 had 2 flavors represented by cave people reminiscent of The Flintstones. Besides the 'tub' in their names, they would be Lulu and Ook.[14][clarification needed]

  • Acai (mascot is Lulutub, purple-haired woman wearing a black and white dress and a pearl necklace)
  • Red bayberry (mascot is Tubôôk, red-haired man wearing black and red toga)


Go-GURT launched a new campaign titled Kids Never Had It So Easy August 1, 2017. The campaign features two "grumpy old fourth graders" bemoaning how easy kids - meaning third graders - have it today.[15]


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