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Dutchflyer rail boat
Dutch flyer north sea map.png
Map of the Dutch Flyer rail & sea route
over the North Sea
Main (s) London, East Anglia, South Holland, North Holland
Parent company Abellio Greater Anglia
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram
Stena Line
Website stenaline.co.uk

Dutchflyer is the name given in the UK to an integrated passenger service between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Formerly known as Amsterdam Express, Dutchflyer is a rail/sea/rail service operated jointly by Stena Line, the Dutch state railway operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the Rotterdam metro and bus company Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram and NS’ UK subsidiary Abellio Greater Anglia.[1]


The Dutchflyer service is a successor to former boat trains such as the LNER's Hook Continental service, which operated between London and the Netherlands from 1927 to 1987.[2]

Originally, the Dutchflyer brand was only used to market the service to passengers starting in the UK,[3] while in the Netherlands the service was advertised as GoLondon.[4] Nowadays the Dutchflyer brand is not used so prominently and the service is sold through the Dutch Stena Line website.[5]


The Dutchflyer service lets passengers travel from any UK railway station served by Abellio Greater Anglia to Harwich International (formerly Parkeston Quay), cross the North Sea by Stena Line ferry, and continue, after arrival at Hoek van Holland Haven to any station in the Netherlands (or in the reverse direction). Trains to and from London and Cambridge are timed to meet the ferry.

Train services[edit]

An Abellio Greater Anglia train at Harwich station
The "Stena Hollandica" ferry at Hoek van Holland
A Nederlandse Spoorwegen train at Hoek van Holland Haven station

After arriving in Hoek van Holland, passengers disembark right into the railway station, from where there used to be a frequent rail service to Rotterdam Central Station. The Hoekse Lijn is currently being rebuilt to a Rotterdam Metro line, which means trains are temporarily replaced by buses. In Rotterdam passengers may change trains to go anywhere in the Netherlands. An example is shown in this table for a connection by rail from Hoek van Holland to Rotterdam and then to The Hague or Amsterdam, or stations in between.

Operator Train Type Route Rolling Stock Frequency
Abellio Greater Anglia Local train ManningtreeHarwich International Class 321/Class 360 1 per hour
Abellio Greater Anglia Boat train London Liverpool StreetHarwich International Class 321 4 per day
Abellio Greater Anglia Boat train Cambridge/Norwich/Bury St Edmunds/IpswichHarwich International Class 170 3 per day
Stena Line Ship Harwich International harbour – Hoek van Holland harbour Stena Hollandica
Stena Britannica
2 per day
Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram Bus Hoek van Holland HavenSchiedam Centrum 2 per hour
Nederlandse Spoorwegen Intercity Schiedam CentrumAmsterdam Centraal VIRM 4 per hour
Nederlandse Spoorwegen Intercity Direct Rotterdam CentraalAmsterdam Centraal Traxx + ICR 4 per hour

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