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Go Crazy!
2pm4th album.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 15, 2014
GenreElectronic, R&B, hip hop, k-pop
ProducerJ.Y. Park "The Asiansoul" Jun. K
2PM chronology
Genesis of 2PM
Go Crazy!
2PM of 2PM
Singles from Go Crazy!
  1. "Go Crazy!"
    Released: September 10, 2014

Go Crazy! is the fourth Korean studio album (seventh overall) by South Korean boy band 2PM. The album was released in both physical and digital format on September 15, 2014 by JYP Entertainment.[1]


During the filming for the music of the group's upcoming comeback, a fire broke out on the set of the music video. Authorities stated later that the fire was relatively small and had been controlled by the time the fire team arrived; apparently it started when a spark from some fireworks which were being used in the music video landed on a sponge. All the members and staff present at the time were confirmed to be unharmed.[citation needed]

The comeback that was to be in April was postponed by JYP Entertainment and 2PM due to their individual activities. A JYP Entertainment rep told Newsen on the 14th that "2PM's comeback has been delayed for the time being. It will be in the latter-half of this year but the exact date has not been decided yet." [NEWSEN][citation needed]

On August 28, Taecyeon, through his personal Twitter, released a photo of Nichkhun and Wooyoung. This was followed by Jun. K who released a photo of Taecyeon and Chansung on his Twitter. Next Wooyoung released a photo of Jun.K and Junho. These three photos hinted that their comeback was near.[2] Next, insiders revealed that their comeback would be on September 15.[3]

On September 1 (KST), JYP officially released the three teaser photos and one group photo for 2PM's comeback, as well as the date for their comeback, September 10.[4] On September 3, six more teaser photos was released (individual members' photos) ahead of their comeback.[5] On September 5, a teaser video was uploaded on JYP's YouTube channel. A party version teaser (2nd teaser video) was released on September 7.

The full track list for the normal edition and grand edition was released the next day. It is revealed that the normal edition consists of 11 tracks including two Korean versions of their Japanese singles, "Beautiful" and "I'm Your Man" which will be released online on September 15, at 0000 (KST). The grand edition will be released on September 29, 12pm (KST) with seven additional tracks, including three remixes of the title track "Go Crazy!".[6]

On September 9, an album spoiler was uploaded on JYP's YouTube channel.

Music videos[edit]

The full music video was released on September 10, at 0000 (KST). A party version of the music video was released on September 15, at 12pm (KST).


The group will make their promotional appearance for the album was on M.net's M! Countdown on September 11. The following music shows will be scheduled on KBS's Music Bank (September 12), MBC's Show! Music Core (September 13), SBS's Inkigayo (September 14) and MBC Music's Show Champion (September 17)

Track listing[edit]

All editions track list
1."Go Crazy!" (미친거 아니야?; michingeo aniya?)Jun. KJun. K, Danny Majic, Glen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz, Dustin TavellaJun. K, Danny Majic, Glen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz, Dustin Tavella3:59
2."Like Tonight" (오늘 같은 밤; oneul gat-eun bam)Playful ChildrenPlayful Children, Shin MansooPlayful Children, Shin Mansoo3:25
3."She's Ma Girl"Ha JunghoHa JunghoHa Jungho, Storyteller3:08
4."Mine"Chansung, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYIlanguaq "ilang" Lumholt, Lasse Lindorff, Thor Norgaard, Mads MollerIlanguaq "ilang" Lumholt, Lasse Lindorff, Thor Norgaard, Mads Moller4:15
5."Awesome!"Laybacksound, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYLaybacksoundLaybacksound3:24
6."Rain Is Falling" (비가와; bigawa)Glory Face, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYGlory Face, AltoGlory Face3:54
7."Boyfriend"Chansung, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYChansung, Shim EunjiShim Eunji3:49
8."Pull&Pull"Ragoon IM, Ryan IM, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYRagoon IM, Ryan IMRagoon IM, Ryan IM3:13
9."Goodbye Trip" (이별여행; ibyeol-yeohaeng)Jun. KJun. K, LelLel3:04
10."Beautiful (Kor ver.)"J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul"J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul"J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul", Hong Jisang3:56
11."I'm Your Man (Kor ver.)"J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul"J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul", Super ChangddaiSuper Changddai3:10
Total length:39:17
Bonus CD (grand edition only)
1."Superman" (Jun. K + Wooyoung duet)Jun. K, Wooyoung, Young SkyJun. K, BoytoyBoytoy3:47
2."Please Come Back" (돌아와줘; dol-awajwo)(feat. Baek A-yeon)(Taecyeon + Chansung duet)Taecyeon aka TYTaecyeon a.k.a. TYJo Joongsu "FAME-J"3:42
3."Love is True" (Junho + Nichkhun duet)Junho, NichkhunJunho, Hong JisangHong Jisang4:04
4."The Word, Love" (사랑한단 말; salanghandan mal)(Taecyeon + Chansung duet)Chansung, Taecyeon a.k.a. TYChansungSuper Changddai3:27
5."Go Crazy! (Boytoy Crazy remix)"Jun. KJun. K, Danny Majic, Glen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz, Dustin TavellaBoytoy4:11
6."Go Crazy! (Boytoy Vibe remix)"Jun. KJun. K, Danny Majic, Glen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz, Dustin TavellaBoytoy3:07
7."Go Crazy! (djnure VS. Fingazz remix)"Jun. KJun. K, Danny Majic, Glen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz, Dustin TavellaGlen Choi (dj nure), Fingazz3:32
Total length:25:50 [7]

Charts and sales[edit]

Release history[edit]

Country Version Date Format Label
South Korea Normal edition September 15, 2014 Digital download JYP Entertainment, KT Music
September 16, 2014 [8] CD
Grand edition September 29, 2014 Digital download
September 16, 2014 [9] CD


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