Go Fer Yer Funk

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Go Fer Yer Funk
Japanese pressing of the CD "Go Fer Yer Funk"
Studio album by George Clinton Family Series
Released October 1992
Recorded 1979-1984
Genre Funk
Length 71:46
Label P-Vine; Sequel Records(UK); AEM Records(US)
Producer George Clinton
George Clinton Family Series chronology
Go Fer Yer Funk
Plush Funk (1992)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Go Fer Yer Funk is the first installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection. The album was released in 1992 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released the next year by AEM Records in the U.S. and Sequel Records in the U.K.. The Family Series were designed to present previously unreleased recordings done by various bands in the Parliament-Funkadelic musical stable. The first CD is notable in that it features the title cut "Go Fer Yer Funk" which originally featured a collaboration between P-Funk and Funk legend James Brown.

The final track on all of the Family Series CDs features commentary from George Clinton on the background of each track. All of the Family Series CDs were also available on limited edition vinyl.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Go Fer Yer Funk" (Parliament) - 9:52
  2. "Funk It Up" (Sterling Silver Starship) - 8:46
  3. "Funkin' For My Mama's Rent" (Gary Fabulous & Black Stack) - 5:58
  4. "Send a Gram" (Jessica Cleaves) - 5:32
  5. "Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are?" (Demo) (Sly Stone) - 1:33
  6. "Better Days" (Andre Foxx) - 4:10
  7. "The Chong Show" (Bootsy Collins) - 4:10
  8. "Michelle" (Flastic Brain Flam) - 12:24
  9. "Sunshine of Your Love" (Funkadelic) - 5:33
  10. "Papa George's Rap" - 12:14
    • (re-titled "Storytime With George "The Archeological Dig"" in the US and "Interview" in the UK)


Go Fer Yer Funk

  • Artist: Parliament (1981) Producer: George Clinton
  • Featuring: Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, Horny Horns, James Brown

Funk It Up

  • Artist: Sterling Silver Starship (1981) Producer: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
  • Lead Vocals, Bass, Drums: Donny Sterling
  • Keyboard: Jerome Rogers, Donny Sterling
  • Guitar: Rodney Crutcher, Tony Thomas
  • Background Vocals: Parlet, Mahlia Franklin, Ron Dunbar

Funkin' For My Mama's Rent

  • Artist: Gary Fabulous and Black Slack (1980-81)
  • Producer: George Clinton, Ron Dunbar
  • Percussion/Drums: William Payne
  • Bass: Lige Curry
  • Guitar: Michael Hampton, Andre Foxxe
  • Keyboard: David Spradley
  • Lead Vocals: Gary Fabulous
  • Background Vocals: Parliament, Funkadelic, Sterling Silver

Send A Gram

  • Artist: Jessica Cleaves (1980-81) Producer: George Clinton
  • Vocals: Jessica Cleaves
  • Drums: Ty Lampkin
  • Bass: Danan Potts
  • Keyboard: David Spradley
  • Guitar: Cordell Mosson, Ron Bremby
  • Background Vocals: Andre Williams, Tracey Lewis, George Clinton,
  • Sidney Barnes, Robert Johnson
  • Horn & String Arrangements: Bernie Worrell

Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are?

  • Artist: Sly Stone (1981)
  • Piano, Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Sly Stone
  • Guitar: Ron Ford

Better Days

  • Artist: Andre Foxxe (1984) Producer: George Clinton, Garry Shider
  • Vocals: Andre Foxxe
  • Guitar: Marvin Williams
  • Keyboard: David Spradley
  • Background Vocals: Marvin Williams, Garry Shider

The Chong Show

  • Artist: Bootsy Collins (1979-80) Producer: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins
  • Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals: Bootsy Collins
  • Keyboards, Background Vocals: David Spradley
  • Percussion: Carl "Butch" Small


  • Artist: Treylewd's Flastic Brain Flam (1978-79) Producer: George Clinton
  • Guitar: Tracey Lewis, DeWayne McKnight, Garry Shider
  • Drums: Dennis Chambers
  • Bass: Jeff "Cherokee" Bunn
  • Keyboard: Gary Hudgins
  • Vocals: Tracey Lewis
  • Background Vocals: Kevin Shider, Andre Foxxe, Tracey Lewis, Patricia Curry, Garry Shider, Linda Shider, Brides, Parlet, Ray Davis, Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Steve Pannel, Robert Johnson, Tony Lafoot, Jessica Cleaves

Sunshine of Your Love

  • Artist: Funkadelic (1984) Producer: George Clinton
  • All instruments by: DeWayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight

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