Go Fish (band)

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Go Fish
Genres CCM, children's
Years active 1998–present
Labels Ross, Inpop, GFK
Website gofishresources.com
  • Jamie Statema
  • Jason Folkmann
  • Steve Goold
  • Jeremy Sanoski
  • Aaron Fabrini
Past members
  • Andy Selness
  • Paul Brumeister
  • Jarred Dove

Go Fish is an American contemporary Christian band based in Minnesota. They were originally formed as a band in 1993 by Eric Spickelmier and Jamie Statema. Their music was geared primarily to a teen and adult market, until 2003 when they released Splash!, an album aimed towards children. A cappella has been a big part of reaching the current market. Since then Go Fish has released several more children's products, typically under the label Go Fish Kids (GFK).


In May 2007 Focus on the Family's children's magazine, Clubhouse Jr, featured Go Fish on their cover. The same year, Go Fish launched a weekly radio program called Go Fish Kids Radio.[citation needed]

Go Fish has released Vacation Bible School curriculum for several years.[1] "Backstage with the Bible" in 2009,[citation needed] "Kickin' it Old School" in 2010,[citation needed] "Praise" in 2012,[2][3] "Gotta Move" in 2013[citation needed] and "Shine" in 2014.


  • Out of Breath (1997, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • Acappella (1998, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • Part of the Proof (1999, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • More Than a Story (1999, Christmas; re-released 2001 under Inpop Records)
  • Live: Created for This (2000, Ross Records)
  • Infectious (August 1, 2001, Inpop Records)
  • Parade (January 7, 2002, Inpop Records)
  • Splash (2003, GFK)
  • Superstar (2004, GFK)
  • Snooze (2005, GFK)
  • Showtime (2005, GFK)
  • Snow (2006, GFK)
  • Snazzy (October 2007, GFK)
  • Party Like a Preschooler (2008, GFK)
  • Kickin' It Old School (2010, GFK)
  • Christmas with a Capital "C" (2010, GFK)
  • The Best of Go Fish Kids (2011, GFK)
  • Kids' Music (2012, GFK)

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