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Go Fug Yourself is a comedy blog devoted to fashion gossip.


The authors and owners of the blog are Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, who met when they were working as recappers for the website Television Without Pity, then known as Mighty Big TV.[1] Morgan and Cocks initially created the site as a diversion for themselves and their friends, but it quickly became popular and well known.

Fug Madness[edit]

Each March, in an homage to the NCAA "March Madness" Championship, Morgan and Cocks present a tournament featuring those celebrities deemed to have made the worst fashion faux pas in the previous calendar year. Each match-up is presented as a poll in which readers can vote on which celebrity has made "fuglier" fashion choices. The inaugural 2008 tournament was won by Bai Ling, who defeated Victoria Beckham in the final match. Subsequent winners have included Aubrey O'Day (2009), Amber Rose (2010), Taylor Momsen (2011), Vanessa Hudgens (2012), Justin Bieber (2013), Miley Cyrus (2014), Kim Kardashian (2015,2016), and Keke Palmer (2017).

The Fug Awards[edit]

Morgan and Cocks co-authored The Fug Awards, which features a number of "honors" offered to the worst offenders in celebrity fashion, along with commentary similar to that found on the site. The book was released on February 6, 2008.

Spoiled, and other Young Adult novels[edit]

Morgan and Cocks co-authored Spoiled, a young adult novel about what happens when a Midwestern girl learns that her father is actually the most famous movie star in the world, and goes to live with him and her half-sister in Los Angeles. The book was published by Poppy (an imprint of Little, Brown) on June 1, 2011. The book's follow-up, Messy was published in 2012.

The Royal We[edit]

Morgan and Cocks's first adult novel, The Royal We -- loosely based on the courtship between Kate Middleton and Prince William -- was published by Grand Central Publishing (part of Hachette, which also owns Little, Brown) in April, 2015. It has since been optioned by Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman, with CBS Films.


Go Fug Yourself was named one of Entertainment Weekly's 25 favorite entertainment sites in its June 23, 2006 issue. In 2005 it was named one of the 50 Coolest Websites by Time magazine and one of the Top 100 Best Things of the Year by CBC. It was named one of the 50 Most Powerful Blogs by The Guardian in March 2008.[2] It has also been mentioned in Vanity Fair, Elle, Business Week Online, Harper's Bazaar, the Chicago Tribune, and Newsweek, among others.[1] The authors also blog regularly as "The Fug Girls" in New York Magazine.[3] The Fug Girls also appeared on Season Three Episode Five of All on the Line, a Sundance channel series,[4] offering feedback to struggling fashion designer Brooke Rodd. [5]


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