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The Go Green Initiative (GGI) was founded in 2002 in Pleasanton, California by Jill Buck [1]

The Go Green Initiative is an environmental education and stewardship program located in all 50 US states and in 73 countries. It is free to all schools and operating in pre-schools through universities.[2]

The Go Green Initiative also have its own mean of Go Green called as G.R.E.E.N [3] It is:

  G  for Generate less waste
  R  for Recycle everything that cannot be reused
  E  for Educate the community on eco-friendly options
  E  for Evaluate the environmental impact of actions
  N  for Nourish discussions and activities that integrate environmental education into existing curriculum

Also known as the GGI (abbreviation for Go Green Initiative).[4] The GGI program focuses on training volunteers and teachers in order to protect human health and reserve natural resources for the future generations. Focusing on the integration of environmental education into the existing school curriculums. The first GGI school was Walnut Grove Elementary.