Go-Kart Mozart

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Go-Kart Mozart
Background information
Origin Birmingham, England
Genres Glam rock
Novelty rock[1]
Years active 1998–present
Labels West Midlands Records
Associated acts Felt
Members Lawrence
Terry Miles
Rusty Stone
Tony Barber
Ralph Phillips

Go-Kart Mozart are an English indie rock band founded by Lawrence, formerly of the bands Felt and Denim.[1] Lawrence created the group as a reaction to the lack of commercial success of his previous project Denim, with the intention of being "the world's first B-side band". Their name comes from a line in the lyrics of "Blinded by the Light", a song written by Bruce Springsteen.

In 1999, Go-Kart Mozart released their debut album, Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture. It was issued on the Cherry Red subsidiary label West Midlands Records. Tearing Up the Album Chart followed in 2005, and was again released on West Midlands.[1]

Released specially on Record Store Day in April 2012, "New World in the Morning", a cover of the Roger Whittaker song, was a standalone single and was also featured in the film Lawrence of Belgravia. This was followed by the album, On the Hot Dog Streets, which was released on June 2012. The album contained songs from the unreleased album, 'Denim Take Over', as well as several new compositions.[1]

A recording called Mozart's Mini-Mart was intended to follow On the Hot Dog Streets, initially as an accompanying mini-album. At the end of 2013, Cherry Red announced intentions for this to appear as a 2014 album.[2] In November 2017, Cherry Red announced a new release date of 23 February 2018, alongside a new video for When You're Depressed.


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