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Go Mix! Radio
Type Radio network
Branding Go Mix! Christian Radio
Country United States
Availability North Carolina
Slogan Your Christian Superstations
Owner Pathway Christian Academy, Inc.[1]
Webcast Listen Live
Official website

Go Mix! Radio is a network of Christian radio stations in North Carolina, broadcasting Christian music.

Go Mix! Radio is currently heard on 8 full powered stations in North Carolina. Go Mix Christian Radio is owned and operated as a ministry partner of Pathway Christian Academy of Goldsboro, NC. Pathway is a non-profit 501 (C-3) organization founded in 1992 by Dr. T.D. Worthington. The Board of Directors approved for the filing of an application with the Federal Communication Commission for a non-commerical radio station that same year. Although that initial application was not approved, with the persistence of Dr. Worthington and the hard work of Eddie Mozingo, a Construction Permit was finally granted.

WAGO, 88.7 FM the flagship station of the GoMix Radio Network bean operations on Wednesday, July 1st 1998. The 17,000 watt signal would reach into nearly 13 counties within Eastern North Carolina.

On August, 1st 2006, another station was added to the ministry. WZGO, 91.1 FM in Aurora, became the second full-power signal and greatly increased our audience east of North Carolina from the Albermarle Sound down to Morehead City. The addition of WZGO allowed us to reach over 23 counties in North Carolina for our Lord.

In 2008, during the month of November, WZRU, 90.1 FM Became our third full- power station. WZRU, with 11,000 watts of power, operates from Roanoke Rapids.New listening areas included, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Ronaoke Rapids, and Emporia, Virginia.

On May 1, 2009, WZRN 90.5 FM began broadcasting out of Norlina, NC. With that addition the GoMix signal reached into Lake Gaston and Warrenton, NC plus areas in Virginia including South Hill, Lawrenceville, and LaCross.

The year 2011 brought the fifth station on the air. WGXO, 90.9 FM was licensed to the Duplin County Community of Magnolia and operates from a transmission site near Wallace, NC.

On March 1, 2013, WGXM 91.1 was placed on the air. This station broadcasts primarily into southern Wayne County and North Duplin County area from a transmission site in Mount Olive, NC.

On November 1, 2013 the seventh station was placed on the air. WHGO, 91.3 FM reaches several counties in North-Eastern North Carolina from Herford, NC.

September 15, 2014 was the day GoMix began broadcasting from a new 20,000 watt station in Williamston, NC. WTGX, 90.5 FM sends a great signal into Martin, Washington, and Bertie counties.

GoMix Christian Radio is now reaching into nearly 40 counties throughout Eastern North Carolina and Southside Virginia. This is accomplished through the generosity of Faith Partners and Business Underwriters.

Today, GoMix Christian Radio continues to be led by Dr. T.D. Worthington. The GoMix Network has become one of the largest locally owned broadcast groups in North Carolina. The Pathway Ministries umbrella also includes: Pathway Christian Academy, Christian Bible College, and Carolina Life Magazine.[2]


Call sign Frequency
City of license ERP
m (ft)
Class FCC info
WAGO 88.7 Snow Hill, North Carolina 17,000 89 m (292 ft) C3 FCC
WZGO 91.1 Aurora, North Carolina 40,000 107 m (351 ft) C2 WZGO FCC
WZRU 90.1 Garysburg, North Carolina 11,000 154 m (505 ft) C2 WZRU FCC
WGXO 90.9 Magnolia, North Carolina 8,000 105 m (344 ft) C3 FCC
WGXM 91.1 Calypso, North Carolina 2,200 49.7 m (163 ft) A FCC
WZRN 90.5 Norlina, North Carolina 2,300 91 m (299 ft) A FCC
WHGO 91.3 Hertford, North Carolina 3,100 106 m (348 ft) A FCC
WTGX 90.5 Williamston, North Carolina 20,000 92 m (302 ft) C3 FCC


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