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Goa is a state in India, and a former Portuguese colonial possession, while the name was often used for the whole of Portuguese India.

Goa or GOA may also refer to:


  • Goa, Botswana, a small town in Botswana, near the Namibian border, near the Caprivi Strip
  • Goa, Camarines Sur is a municipality in the Philippines
  • Goa Velha, a village in Ilhas, Goa
  • Goah, a village in Punjab Pakistan
  • Panaji, also known as Nova Goa, the current capital of Goa
  • Velha Goa (Old Goa), the former capital of Portuguese India
  • Sultanate of Gowa, a kingdom in the South Sulawesi region of what is now Indonesia
  • Goa-eup, a town in Gumi, North Gyeongsang, South Korea


People with the surname[edit]

  • Daniel Goa (born 1953), a New Caledonian politician
  • Trygve Goa (1925–2013), a Norwegian printmaker

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]




  • "Goa", a track from the Frank Zappa album Guitar
  • Goa trance, a form of electronic music that originated during the late 1980s in Goa, India


  • Goa (antelope), also known as the Tibetan Gazelle, a species of antelope in and around Tibet
  • Goa bean, another name for the winged bean

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