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Goa Sampark Kranti Express is one of the most important trains among the Sampark Kranti Express Trains series operated on Indian Railways by the Northern Railway Delhi Division between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Margao, a town in the Indian state of Goa The train is extended to Chandigarh similar to Kerala Sampark Kranti recently.

As of 2015, this train is running on a bi-weekly basis and holds Super Fast status.

Train details[edit]

Both electric and diesel power is used to haul the train on its way. H. Nizamuddin to Vadodara, Gujarat and Vadodara to H. Nizamuddin by WAP-4-E or WAP-5 of Vadodara (IR code: BRC-Baroda Capital) Electric shed is used. Vadodara to Madgaon and Madgaon to Vadodara by WDM2A or WDM 3A of Ratlam (IR Code: -RTM) Diesel Loco shed is used.

In 2008 Indian Railway Budget, the train announced to run bi-weekly as the frequency increased from weekly to bi-weekly.


Goa Samparkkranti Express (CDG - MAO) Route map
  1. Chandigarh - Palwal - Northern Railways - (Delhi Division)
  2. Palwal (excluding)- Mathura (Including) - North Central Railways or N.C.R. (Agra railway division)
  3. Mathura excluding - Nagda (excluding) - West Central Railways or W.C.R. (Kota Division)
  4. Nagda (including) - Ratlam-Vadodara - Vasai Road (including) - Western Railways - W.R. (Ratlam, Vadodara and Mumbai Division)
  5. Vasai Road (excluding) - Roha (including) - Central Railways - C.R. Mumbai Division
  6. Roha (excluding) - Madgaon - Konkan Railways (Ratnagiri, Madgaon Divisions)

Alternative trains for Madgaon or Goa from national capital[edit]

  1. 12779/12780 Vasco-Da-Gama H.Nizamuddin Goa Express - daily via, Madgaon, Belgaum, Miraj, Bhusawal, Bhopal
  2. 12617/12618 Mangala Lakshadweep Express - via Konkan Railways, Panvel, Bhusawal, Bhopal
  3. 12431/12432 Trivandrum H.Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express via, Vadodara, Konkan Railways
  4. 22413/22414 Madgaon H.Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express via Vadodara, Konkan Railways
  5. 12217/12218 Kochuveli Chandigarh Kerala Sampark Kranti Express via Vadodara, Konkan Railways


A Ratlam based WDM 3A hauls the train from Madgaon until Vadodara after which a Ghaziabad based WAP 5 or WAP 7 takes over for the reminder of its journey until Chandigarh.


This train halts at the following stations

  1. Chandigarh (Origin)
  2. Ambala Cantt
  3. Panipat
  4. New Delhi
  5. Hazrat Nizamuddin
  6. Kota JN
  7. Vadodara
  8. Vasai Road
  9. Panvel
  10. Ratnagiri
  11. Pernem
  12. Thivim
  13. Karmali
  14. Madgaon (Destination)

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