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Goalbit media player
Developer(s) GoalBit Solutions
Initial release 18 June 2011
Repository git.code.sf.net/p/goalbit/code
Written in C, C++, Objective-C using Qt
Operating system Cross-platform (GNU, Microsoft Windows, Linux)
Available in Multilingual
Type P2PTV
License GNU General Public License v2 or later
Website goalbit.sourceforge.net

Goalbit is an open source P2PTV platform, capable of distributing high-bandwidth live video content. Its main component, the Goalbit media player, is free software based on the VLC media player[1] and is, therefore, released under the GNU General Public License. It mainly provides the capability of streaming in the P2P Goalbit protocol, a protocol based on BitTorrent.[2]

A Goalbit network is formed by broadcast-peers, super-peers, peers, and optionally a tracker[3] (like in BitTorrent), although Kademlia is also available for communicating. Broadcast-peers are responsible for reading from the video source and generating the sharing unit in the Goalbit protocol, called chunk. These units are shared like in the P2P BitTorrent protocol but with certain hierarchy through the different peer types.


The Goalbit media player incorporates the features provided by the VLC media player, such as:

  • Transcoding a video stream
  • Reading from various video sources
  • Mozilla and ActiveX plugin

It also adds its own, such as:

  • Live broadcasting yourself,[4] which consists of capturing from a video source and sending the Goalbit chunks generated, with transcoding capabilities available
  • Running broadcast-peers and super-peers from the command line to set up a more complete Goalbit network

Commercial Features[edit]

GoalBit has a commercial version called GoalBit Plus. You can run it in Mobile devices and web browsers. Read more in [5]

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