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Goalpariya Lokgeet (Assamese: গোৱালপাৰিয়া লোকগীত) is a folk music of Goalpara, sung to traditional lyrics. It was primarily Pratima Barua Pandey, who raised the profile of this hitherto unknown genre of music nationally in India. Currently, albums of Goalpariya songs are released commercially; and Goalpariya musical motifs and instruments are increasingly used in popular music in India. Some noted singers are Allauddin Sarkar, Hamida Sarkar, Abdul Jabber, Rahima Begum Kalita to mention a few.


Goalpariya lokgeet refers to the lyrical songs of Goalpara that are not associated with religious or rituals. Love is the primary theme of these compositions, but not exclusively. There are various subgenres of this music that differ in the musical mood and themes, of which the bhawaiya and the chatka are principal forms, beside moishali and maut songs. These songs are often sung in chorus, but they are suited as solos sungs to the sole accompaniment of the dotora.


These are songs of love and longing, with the name rooted in the Sanskrit word bhava.[1] They are steeped in seriousness, and the tunes have a plaintive air to them.[2] Love in bhawaiya songs is not tender and romantic; instead the songs express a longing for a husband or a lover.[3]


The chatka songs, in contrast to bhawaiya, are themed not solely on love, and does not have the plaintive seriousness. Instead, they are direct and often flippantly casual. They often depict a special dewar-bhauji relationship, extra-marital relationships and situations.[4]

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