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This page is about Goan achievers in the world of sports. Goa is a tiny region along the west coast of India, and is known for its many sportsmen.

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  • The first Goan to have played for India in football, representing Goa, is Menino Figuereido who represented India on a goodwill tour of Russia in 1963. This tour is not considered an official tour and some say the first Goan to have represented India thus becomes Visitacao Lobo in 1970. Whichever way you look at it, both Menino Figuereido and Visitacao Lobo have played for India.
  • Goans have made a powerful and memorable mark in the sport in India, where it was virtually unknown earlier. Many have represented India by playing for Bombay and shining at the domestic level and thus earning international caps.

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