Goat Island (Tasmania)

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For other places with the same name, see Goat Island.
Goat Island
Goat Island is located in Tasmania
Goat Island
Goat Island
Location of the Goat Island in Bass Strait
Location Bass Strait
Coordinates 41°07′48″S 146°07′48″E / 41.13000°S 146.13000°E / -41.13000; 146.13000Coordinates: 41°07′48″S 146°07′48″E / 41.13000°S 146.13000°E / -41.13000; 146.13000
State Tasmania
Population unpopulated

The Goat Island is a small and unpopulated granite island, located in the Bass Strait, lying off the north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia.[1] The island is situated between Penguin and Ulverstone and can be walked to at low tide. It houses a breeding colony of little penguins.[2]

Along with the nearby Three Sisters, the island is part of the 37-hectare (91-acre) Three Sisters – Goat Island Nature Reserve.[3]

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