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Goat Island was a collaborative performance group based in Chicago, USA, founded in 1987.[1] In 2006, Goat Island announced that their ninth performance, The Lastmaker (2007), would be the last work that they would create as a company. Goat Island ended with final performances of The Lastmaker at Swain Hall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, February 2009. As their final project they created a film in Collaboration Lucy Cash, based on "The Lastmaker", publicated under the title "A Last, A Quartet a collection of films",[2] which also contain previous films made by Goat Island. At that time, Goat Island consisted of the core group members Karen Christopher, Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson (director), Mark Jeffery, Bryan Saner and Litó Walkey. Individual members went on to pursue new projects and collaborations:


  • Soldier, Child, Tortured Man (1987)
  • We Got A Date (1989)
  • Can't Take Johnny to the Funeral (1991)
  • It's Shifting, Hank (1993)
  • How Dear To Me the Hour When Daylight Dies (1996)
  • The Sea & Poison (1998)
  • It's an Earthquake in My Heart (2001)
  • When will the September roses bloom? Last night was only a comedy (2004)
  • The Lastmaker (2007)


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