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Gob may refer to:

  • Gob, the Philistine city where the biblical battle between Elhanan the Bethlehemite and Goliath of Gath took place (2 Sam 21:19), see Khirbet Qeiyafa
  • gob – an Australian, British, Canadian and Irish noun meaning mouth
  • gob – a British slang verb meaning spit (eject saliva from the mouth)
  • whoopie pie, a type of dessert food
  • Gob (band), a punk band from Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Gob (Dels album), 2011
  • gob or boney piles, low-coal-content waste from coal mining operations
  • gob – a cylinder of molten glass used in glass production
  • gob – in mining, a cavity behind a longwall; see Longwall mining

GOB as an acronym may refer to: