Gob (Gob album)

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Gob (album).jpg
EP by Gob
Released 1994
Recorded 1993
Genre Punk rock
Length 13:11
Label Positive Records, Landspeed Records
Gob chronology

Gob is the debut EP first release by Canadian Punk rock band Gob. It is the first release on Landspeed Records (LSCD-001).

The album was originally released on Positive Records then later re-released that same year on Landspeed Records. Both editions of the album feature similar covers but with different color schemes. The Positive Records edition is orange whereas the more widely known blue cover is the Landspeed Records re-release. It is their only release with Kelly Macauley on bass.[1][2]

Odd numbered songs were written and sung by Theo and even numbered songs by Tom.[3]

Tracks 1, 2, and 8 were re-recorded for their first full-length, Too Late... No Friends.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Custer's Last One Night Stand - 1:51
  2. Cleansing - 1:31
  3. Fuck Off - 1:25
  4. You - 1:40
  5. Low Self Esteem - 1:22
  6. Tested - 1:41
  7. Abuse Me, Please - 2:01
  8. Losing Face - 1:25
  9. One Size Fits All - 1:28


  • Tom - Guitar/Vocals
  • Theo - Guitar/Vocals
  • Kelly Macauley - Bass
  • Patrick "Wolfman Pat" Paszana - Drums