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A screenshot from Gobbler
Developer(s) Olaf Lubeck
Publisher(s) On-Line Systems
Platform(s) Apple II
Genre(s) Maze
Mode(s) Single player

Gobbler is a 1981 clone of Pac-Man for the Apple II, published by On-Line Systems (later to become Sierra Entertainment). It was programmed by Olaf Lubeck who also wrote Cannonball Blitz (1982) for the Apple II, a clone of Donkey Kong.[2]


The player uses the arrow keys to move the character left and right, and the A and Z keys to move up or down. Each dot is worth five points, while pieces of fruit (cherries, an apple and a lime) are each worth 200. Consuming the white pellets makes the four ghosts vulnerable for a short time, during which they appear green and can be eaten (earning 200 points for the first, 400 for the second, etc.).