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Goce Delchev University - Shtip
Универзитет Гоце Делчев - Штип
Грб на Универзитетот Гоце Делчев.png
Established27 March 2007
RectorProfessor Blazo Boev, PhD
Academic staff
Administrative staff
LocationŠtip,  Macedonia

"Goce Delchev" University – Shtip (Macedonian: Универзитет Гоце Делчев Штип, Univerzitet Goce Delchev Shtip, short name - UGD) is a state university in Macedonia, ranked on the second place from the list of state universities in the country[citation needed]. "Goce Delcev" University – Shtip integrates 13 faculties organized in 3 University campuses. The lectures are realized in education centers that are dispersed in 12 Macedonian cities.[1]

The History[edit]

"Goce Delchev" University in Shtip is established by the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on 27 March 2007. The first Constitutive Assembly of the University Senate was held on 28 June 2007 in the amphitheater of the Faculty of education and the Faculty of mining, geology and polytechnics. In the presence of the State Secretary for education Mr. Pero Stojanovski and some of the members from the home commission of "Goce Delcev" University as well as representatives from students, professors, assistants and citizens from the city of Shtip, the University Senate adopted unanimous decision to appoint Prof. Sasha Mitrev PhD, a full-time Professor at the Faculty of agriculture as Rector of the University, for term of office from June 2007 to June 2011. 1300 students were enrolled on the University in the first academic year. The "Goce Delcev" University started with 7 faculties and one higher school as follows: Faculty of law, Faculty of economics, Faculty of education, Faculty of mining, geology and polytechnics, Faculty of agriculture, Faculty of computer science and information technologies, Faculty of music and Higher medical school. Since the academic year 2008/2009 the University includes 6 (six) new faculties: Faculty of medicine, Faculty of philology, Faculty of electrical engineering, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Faculty of technology and Faculty of tourism and business logistics.[2]

Organization and organizational units[edit]

In accordance with the Statute (University’s envoy 09/2009), the University is the highest autonomous public higher-educational, scientific and art institution which provides the unification in the performance and development of the higher education, science, art and proficiency, and directly, through its units, it transfers knowledge from different study fields i.e. from scientific as well as artistic fields and disciplines. Public faculties are part of it i.e. units which execute higher-educational and research work in all the degrees of the higher education.


At the Goce Delcev University in Stip there are specialized studies organized in first, second and third cycle. Units in the composition of the University are:[3]

  1. Faculty of Educational sciences – Nikola Smilkov, PhD, Dean
  2. Faculty of Natural and Technical sciences – Zoran Panov, PhD, Dean
  3. Faculty of Agriculture – Ilija Karov, PhD, Dean
  4. Faculty of Computer Science – Vlado Gicev, PhD, Dean
  5. Faculty of Economics – Risto Fotov, PhD, Dean
  6. Faculty of Law - Jovan Ananiev, PhD, Dean
  7. Faculty of Music art - Ilco Jovanov, PhD, Dean
  8. Faculty of Medicine – Rubin Gulaboski, PhD, Dean
  9. Faculty of Business Logistics and Tourism - Nikola Dimitrov, Associate. Prof. PhD, Dean
  10. Faculty of Philology – Jovanka Denkova, Ass. Prof. PhD, Dean
  11. Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Tatjana Atanasova Pacemska, Ass. Prof. PhD, Dean
  12. Faculty of Technology – Vineta Srebrenkoska, Ass. Prof. PhD, Dean
  13. Faculty of Mechanical engineering – Risto Kukutanov, PhD, Dean

Beside these units, there are departments, centres,[4] laboratories, libraries[5][6] and other internal organizational units organized as follows:



Other internal organizational units[edit]

Rector’s Office[edit]

The Rector’s Office is the seat of the University, where the highest administrative bodies are located – Rector, Vice-Rectors, Secretary General as well as administrative departments that are part of the operation with faculties which are integrated in the “Goce Delcev” University – Shtip. The University Senate is elected by the Rector and Vice-Rectors. The Rector chairs the University Senate’s assembly. The Vice-Rectors take part in the Senate’s work, without a right to vote. The University Senate adopts the University Statute, and decides on the educational, scientific, artistic and professional activities. Furthermore, the Senate adopts the study programmes of the faculties and defines scientific and artistic fields of study. The Rector is a managing body of the University. The Rector represents and stands for the University in the country and abroad, conducts the international cooperation of the University and initiates cooperation with other Universities in the country and abroad. The Rector’s Administration consists of: the Rector, the Vice-Rectors, the Faculty Deans, the Directors of the Higher Vocational Institutions and one representative from the University Student Union. Furthermore, the University Secretary General is also a part of the Rector’s Administration, however, without the right to vote. The Rector’s Administration is managed by the Rector.[7]

Rector of the "Goce Delchev" University is Prof. Blazo Boev, PhD (2015 - Incumbent)[8]

The Rector’s Administration: Despite the Rector, as a managing bodt, there are three Vice-Rectors as well.[9]

  • Vice-Rector for education – Ass. Prof. Kiril Barbareev, PhD
  • Vice Rector for finance investments and development – Associate Prof. Dejan Mirakovski, PhD

The total number of employed in "Goce Delcev" University in Shtip is 438.


University coat of arms[edit]

The University coat of arms has a round shape. In the middle is the school in Novo Selo - Shtip, where Goce Delcev used to teach (the Rector’s Office of "Goce Delcev" University - Shtip). In the upper part of the circle, the text "Goce Decev" University is written. In the bottom part: Shtip is written. The coat of arms, the flag and the anthem represent the University and the units within the University. The University’s coat of arms is used on the flag, diplomas, plaques, awards, memos, University publications, as well as on coins issued on the occasion of the University’s anniversaries etc.

University flag[edit]

The University flag has a rectangular shape, in maroon color with golden -yellow fringe. The University coat of arms is placed in the middle in golden-yellow color. The sentence: “I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among nations” is written on two lines in the bottom across the full length of the flag. The University flag is displayed constantly on the building of the Rector's Office. The University flag is displayed in front of the buildings of the University units and in front of the buildings of the associate members of the University on the occasion of the University holiday, celebrations, special occasions and other activities important to the University. The university flag can also be displayed when holding international University sessions, competitions and other meetings in accordance with the rules and regulations for holding those events, as well as sports competitions and other University sports activities.

University insignia[edit]

The University insignia consist of interconnected engravings which symbolize the culture of the region where the University operates within the Republic of Macedonia. The University insignia are worn by: the Rector and Vice-Rectors of the University, as well as the Deans i.e. the directors of the University units, on celebrations, launch parties and other special occasions of the University and its units, as well as on national and international events.


A gown is designed for: the Rector, the Vice-Rectors and the Deans, i.e. the directors of the units. The gown is worn on launch parties, celebrations and other special occasions of the University and its units, as well as on national and international events. Decrees on the appearance and use of the University symbols are passed by the Rector’s Office.


A special resolution passed by the University Senate establishes: plaque, charter, certificate of appreciation, certificate of distinction, and other acknowledgements and awards awarded by the University to distinguished individuals, legal entities or institutions, that have contributed to the University’s development and affirmation, and to scientific development, as well as to students in acknowledgement of their achievement during their studies.


The University anthem is performed on celebrations, launch parties, sports events and other special occasions of the University, its units and University associate members, as well on international University sessions and other meetings in accordance with the rules and regulations for holding those events. The anthem can be played or sung, or both. The University anthem is a solemn song dedicated to the University’s role and significance. It is prepared by Assistant Prof. Ilcho Jovanov PhD.


Status of a University student [11] is attained by enrollment in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies at the faculties and the higher vocational institution at Goce Delcev University. Students realize their rights and obligations as determined by law and by the general acts of the University and its components.

Status of a student, and a member of the academic community, is attained by enrollment in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies at a university or any kind of independent institution of higher education. The student can prove his status using a Student Identification Card. The method of enrollment of (future) prospective students of universities is through passing external and internal examination within the state graduation exam. In order the competition of enrolment in the first cycle of studies to be realized at the University it forms enrolment commission for each unit. The ranking of candidates is made by the enrolment commission. The student programmes of the University may not list the candidates who have less than 40 points gained (obtained) on all grounds.

Foreign citizens [12] are recorded outside the quotas and they are set out of the competition. When applying, the applicants submit verified certificates of secondary education, as well as validate certificates of all classes, a certified translation of birth certificate, proof of knowledge of the Macedonian language (published by the University commission) and a certificate of health. The foreign candidates say whether their government scholarships bears the expenses of studying or they do it by themselves. Foreign citizens who apply to the Faculty of Music Art are obligated to check their knowledge and skills. The "Goce Delcev" University in Shtip organizes course in Macedonian language. Scholarships for the foreign students for the academic 2013/2014 is summed 1000 EUR per semester for all units, except for the School of Medicine is 1500 EUR, unless otherwise regulated with a contract of interuniversity cooperation.[13] This category includes applicant foreigners whose parents are those who work in the diplomatic missions in the R. Macedonia.

Software solution which contributes to modern way of studying is the electronic index at the University. Through the electronic index, complete electronic studying is enabled including electronic report about the exams and papers publication of electronic results, electronic bulletin board, permanent electronic communication and electronic consultation and collaboration with teaching staff, e-learning, and many other activities. Students (of all levels of higher education) who are orphans, blind, deaf, disabled first and second group, mothers with children under age six and hospital patients are entitled to special benefits by the Statute of the higher education institution.

Inter-University Cooperation[edit]

The University cooperates with many scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad. Collaboration with universities abroad are realized within international university associations and networks, as well as bilateral agreements. The aim is to establish cooperation for the development and expansion of scientific and professional experiences, scientific and technical cooperation with foreign and national higher education and research institutions and the exercise of other forms of international cooperation. The University "Goce Delchev" as a member of the Erasmus network, enables students to receive a scholarship Erasmus. Erasmus programme involves sending and receiving students from abroad. Erasmus students can spend one or two semesters at one of the European universities, where they will have the opportunity to learn the language of the country in which they reside and to learn about their culture. Exams that will take students while staying abroad will be recognized in accordance with the Rules of ECTS.


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