God's Angry Man

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God's Angry Man
Fcc monkey band.jpg
Scott's "FCC Monkey Band"
Directed by Werner Herzog
Produced by Werner Herzog
Written by Werner Herzog
Starring Gene Scott
Werner Herzog
Narrated by Werner Herzog
Cinematography Thomas Mauch
Edited by Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus
Distributed by Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
Release date
Running time
43 minutes
Country West Germany
Language English

God's Angry Man is a 1981 documentary film about Gene Scott, a U.S. pastor and Stanford PhD who served for almost fifty years as an ordained minister and religious broadcaster in Los Angeles, directed by Werner Herzog.[1] The film was produced for television. The German title Glaube und Währung translates as Faith and Currency.

The film consists of footage of Scott on the set of his television program Festival of Faith and interviews with Scott and Scott's parents conducted by Herzog. The footage from Scott's television program focuses almost exclusively on his fund-raising efforts and an elaborate rant against the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.). Scott at one point refuses to speak until his viewers pledge an additional $600. After several minutes of silence, he yells angrily at the camera until a production assistant informs him that they have received $700. Scott represents the F.C.C. on his show by a cymbal-banging monkey toy.


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