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God's Country and God's Own Country are terms that have been used to describe various countries and regions around the world, usually areas that are sparsely populated, with wide expanses of nature.

God's Country and God's Own Country may also refer to:


  • The Palouse in southeastern Washington and north central Idaho locally known as "Gods Country"
  • Teton Mountain range in Wyoming is locally known as God's Country.
  • New Zealand, strongly associated with the nickname "God's Own Country"
  • Yorkshire, a county in England often nicknamed "God's Own County"
  • Scotland, called God's Country by people born in Scotland or have ancestry to Scotland, but not by others
  • The Adelaide Hills region of South Australia
  • Kerala, a state in India also associated with the nickname "God's Own Country"
  • Iowa, a state in the United States of America also known as "God's Country"
  • Sutherland Shire, region in southern Sydney. Also known as "The Shire"
  • North Carolina, locally known as "God's Country"[citation needed]
  • North East of England, from the south of the region County Durham "land of the prince bishops" to the north of the region Northumberland,



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