God's Ears

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God's Ears is a 2008 film from Grizzly Peak Films.

The story is about an autistic boxer (Michael Worth) who falls in love with a dancer (Margot Farley). The two share an uncommon bond, which forces them to break their personal walls or lose each other and themselves in the process.

The film was written and stars Michael Worth. It was also his first directorial effort of a feature film. The film stars veteran John Saxon, Tim Thomerson, Mitzi Kapture and Karen Kim. The film introduces Worth's real life grandmother Lois Stewart in her first acting role.

Worth is a Hollywood actor who has followed the paths of John Cassavetes and Clint Eastwood in creating his own films from top to bottom alongside his regular acting career. Like Cassavetes, Worth self-finances, produces, directs and sometimes edits projects that he believes in.


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