God's Spy

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God's Spy
God's Spy cover.jpg
USA First edition cover
Author Juan Gómez-Jurado
Original title Espía de Dios
Translator James Graham
Cover artist Richard Hasselberger
Country United States
Language English
Genre Thriller/Mystery/Detective
Publisher Dutton (a Penguin Group imprint)
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 368pp
ISBN 0-525-94994-1
OCLC 81252750
863/.7 22
LC Class PQ6707.O54 E8713 2007
Followed by The Moses Expedition

God's Spy is a 2007 bestselling thriller novel by Juan Gómez-Jurado originally published in Spain[citation needed]. It has become an instant bestseller throughout Europe with a million copies sold to date and is going to be published in 42 countries. The plot is set in the Vatican, where, in the aftermath of Pope John Paul II's death, the hunt for a serial killer and sex offender — and former priest — reveals a chilling conspiracy.[1] It is a detective story where the psychological portrait of Victor Karosky, the serial killer (which name is known from the first line of the book) is the spine of the novel. The action also takes place in a Maryland institution called the Saint Matthew Institute, a center for the rehabilitation of priest with a history of sexual abuse, which is based in a real life place. This subject has aroused controversial issues in Catholic countries as Spain and Poland.


From the book cover:

In the days following the Pope's death, a cardinal is found brutally murdered in a chapel in Rome, his eyes gouged and his hands cut off. Called in for the grisly case, police inspector Paola Dicanti learns that another cardinal was recently found dead; he had also been tortured. Desperate to find the killer before another victim dies, Paola's investigation is soon joined by Father Anthony Fowler — an American priest and former Army intelligence officer examining sexual abuse in the Church, who knows far more about the killer than Paola could possibly imagine.


  • Paola Dicanti — The leading character, a police inspector and profiler.
  • Father Victor Karosky— A pedophile priest, now a serial killer.
  • Maurizio Pontiero — Paola's partner.
  • Fabio Dante — Deputy inspector at Vatican Police.
  • Carlo Troi — Paola's boss.
  • Father Anthony Fowler— A mysterious priest.
  • Andrea Otero— A Spanish journalist.
  • Angelo Biffi— forensic sculptor and digital image expert.
  • Camilo Cirin— General inspector at Vatican Police.
  • Canice Conroy— Former director of the Saint Matthew Institute.

There is also a number of minor, real life characters, e.g. George W. Bush, John Negroponte, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and many others.

Book information[edit]

God's Spy by Juan Gómez-Jurado


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