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The will of God or divine will is a concept found in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, the Quran, and a number of other texts and worldviews, according to which God's will is the cause of everything that exists.

Thomas Aquinas[edit]

According to Thomas Aquinas, God is the "Highest Good".[1] The Summa Theologiae (question 6, article 3) affirms that "God alone is good essentially".[2]

Because in Jesus Christ God there are two natures, the human and the divine one, Aquinas states that in Him there are two distinct wills: the human will and the divine will.[3]

Asia worldviews[edit]

According to Mongolian belief, the laws of the universe are an expression of God's will (jayayan). Sometimes, God may break its own usual laws and intervene by sending a chosen person to earth.[4]

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