God-Apes and Fossil Men

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God-Apes and Fossil Men is a book on paleoanthropology in South Asia by Kenneth A.R. Kennedy (Ann Arbor, 2000). The book is a detailed study of the history of South Asian paleoanthropology and of the fossil record of prehistoric people in South Asia.


The fifth chapter is about the prehistoric God-Apes of the Siwalik hills. Other chapters describe the fossil hominids of the Pleistocene. The Mesolithic skeletal record is also described, and the last chapters treat the Harappan civilization and the Megalith builders.

Chapters: 1) The land of Bharata.
2) Establishing the archaeological record.
3) Paleontology and evolution.
4) The Aryan hordes.
5) The God-Apes of Siwalik hills.
6) The earliest evidence of Hominid settlement in Pleistocene South Asia.
7) Mileposts in Paleolithic journey.
8) Fossil hominids in south Asian Pleistocene.
9) Post-Pleistocene landscapes and cultural chronology.
10) Mesolithic hunter-foragers.
11) The skeletal records of mesolithic populations.
12) Early farmers and pastoralists.
13) The skeletal records of early farming and pastoral populations.
14) The Harappan civilization.
15) The Harappan heritage.
16) The Megalith builders.
17) Where did all the races go?
18) Conspectus.

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