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God-Des and She are an American hip-hop/pop/soul duo from the Midwest, composed of Alicia Smith (God-des) and Tina Gassen (She).

Since they appeared on the Showtime hit series The L Word in 2006,[1] they have sold more than 30,000 albums and toured the world.

God-Des is currently home-based in Austin, Texas and has been a regular on the club scene there since 2004.


A documentary about God-Des and She was released in 2014, entitled “God-Des & She: Never Give Up.” [2] The film is named after one of their songs “Never Give Up” which is for children who are bullied and feel lost, and discusses affirming identities within the LGBTQIA+ community. The group is largely focused on activism within the LGBTQIA+ community, and wants to build an even bigger community in which they tackle the ever-growing problem of bullying. God-Des and She uses songs like “Never Give Up” as a platform to bring awareness, especially in schools. They believe there is not enough awareness especially within academic institutions, for far too many kids that identify as LGBTQIA+ have been severely threatened, bullied, and discriminated against. They hope to provide a curriculum to schools throughout the United States in order to educate teachers, faculty, and students about LGBTQIA+ issues and how to be allies. [3]

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Year Title Label
2004 Reality God-Des & She Music
2005 Awesome EP God-des & She Music
2007 Stand Up God-Des & She Music
2009 Three G & S Records
2009 United States of God-des & She G & S Records

Nedra Johnson's song Scooter Phat features God-Des & She


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