God Bless the Prince of Wales

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"God Bless the Prince of Wales" (Welsh: Ar Dywysog Gwlad y Bryniau) is a patriotic song written to mark the occasion of the marriage of the future King Edward VII to Alexandra of Denmark.

The song was first proposed at the Caernarfon Eisteddfod of 1862. The words were written by the poet, John Ceiriog Hughes and the music by Henry Brinley Richards.

Ar D'wysog gwlad y bryniau,
O boed i'r nefoedd wen,
Roi iddo gyda choron,
Ei bendith ar ei ben!

The English words are by George Linley. The song was completed and performed in 1863. The opening lyrics are:

Among our ancient mountains,
And from our lovely vales,
Oh! Let the prayer re-echo
God bless the Prince of Wales!

In parts of Scotland and Ireland the tune is used to sing "Derry's Walls", a unionist song.

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