God Is My Co-Pilot (band)

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God Is My Co-Pilot
OriginNew York City, New York
GenresQueercore, experimental rock, noise rock, no wave
Years active1991–present
LabelsOutpunk, Knitting Factory, Avant Records, Atavistic Records
Associated actsJohn Zorn, Melt Banana

God Is My Co-Pilot is a queercore band from New York City that's been recording and playing music since 1991. The two main members of God is My Co-Pilot are vocalist Sharon Topper and guitarist Craig Flanagin. All of their many recordings have been released on independent record labels.

Former members of God Is My Co-Pilot include Fly on high-end bass, Daria Klotz on low-end bass, and Fredrik Haake on drums. Guest musicians, such as John Zorn and Jad Fair, are frequently found playing with God Is My Co-Pilot. They've toured before with Melt Banana, a noise rock group from Japan, and released Chan Marshall's first song "Headlights".

They occasionally sing in languages other than English: some of their output has been in French, Yiddish, German, Finnish and Turkish and other languages. The band's lyrics frequently address sexuality and gender. The band states, in their song, "We Signify, "...We're co-opting rock, the language of sexism, to address gender identity on its own terms of complexity...."

Their sound has been described as experimental, noise rock, hardcore punk and avant jazz. Stay Free zine said of the music, "We hear a new sound, 'free punk' we'll call it."[1][2][3][4][5][6]



  • I Am Not This Body (1992) Making Of Americans
  • Speed Yr. Trip (1992) Making Of Americans
  • Straight Not (1993) Outpunk
  • What Doctors Don't Tell You (1993) Shrimper
  • Getting Out of Boring Time Biting Into Boring Pie (1993) Quinnah Records
  • How To Be (1994) Making Of Americans
  • Sex is For Making Babies (1994) Disques Du Soleil Et De L'acier
  • Mir Shlufn Nisht (1994) Avant Records
  • Puss 02 (1995) Dark Beloved Cloud
  • Children Can Be So Cruel (1997)
  • Get Busy (1998) Atavistic Records


  • Tight Like Fist (1993) Knitting Factory
  • History Of Music: Vol 1 1989-1991 (1995) Meldac [Japan]
  • History Of Music: Vol 2 1991-1993 (1996) Meldac [Japan]
  • Peel Sessions (1996) Strange Fruit
  • The Best Of (1996) Atavistic
  • Je Suis Trop Content (1997) Dark Beloved Cloud


  • Songs of Praise (1991)
  • Refused Medical Attention (1991)
  • On A Wing And A Prayer (1992) Funky Mushroom
  • Gender is As Gender Does (1992) Funky Mushroom
  • How I Got Over (1993) Ajax Records
  • My Sinister Hidden Agenda (1993) Blackout Records
  • Pissing and Hooting (1993) Dark Beloved Cloud
  • Illusions Of Secrecy (1993) Dark Beloved Cloud
  • When you See This Remember Me (1993) Dark Beloved Cloud
  • Probable Cause; Life under Occupation; Held Down God Is My Co-Pilot/ Fifth Column split single (1993) Outpunk
  • Ykt Flot! (1993)
  • Sharon Quite Fancies Jo (1994) Soul Static Sound
  • This Is No Time To Be Frail (1994) Rough Trade Records
  • Kitty Bait (1994) Ajax
  • Butch Flip God Is My Co-Pilot/ Melt Banana split single (1994)
  • An Appeal To Reason (1995) Runt Records
  • Ootko sä poika vai tyttö? (1995) Trash Can
  • God Is My Co-Pilot / Bz Bz Ueu split 7" (1998) (Music à la Coque)
  • Erase-yer-head No. 9 [split EP with Melt Banana, Tear of a Doll, Camp Blackfoot] (1999) Pandemonium

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