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God Module is an American dark electronic band from Orlando, Florida.[1] The band was founded in Florida in 1999. It has been the solo project of Jasyn Bangert since 2003.

Since 2006 they have been based out of Washington state.

God Module is currently signed to Metropolis Records and will soon release their 8th studio LP titled "The Unsound"

God Module
Background information
Also known asGod Mod
GenresElectro-industrial, EBM
Years active1999–present
LabelsMetropolis Records (North America)
Associated actsHexheart
MembersJasyn Bangert
Andrew Pearson
Past membersAndrew Ramirez
Byron C. Miller


God Module has been touring yearly since 2010. Until then they did random mini tours and one of dates around the world.


  • Jasyn Bangert - vocals, programming, lyrics
  • Andrew Pearson - synths, backing vocals live and in studio

Former Members[edit]

  • Clint Carney (live synths. Guest vocals Séance and False Face records.
  • Courtney Bangert (Live synths 2003 - present randomly. Guest vocals on Artificial, Empath, Viscera, Let's Go Dark, Séance, Prophecy and The Unsound records)
  • Jon Siren (live drums on the Triptych and Séance tours)
  • Brill (Live synths 2014 -present randomly)
  • Byron C Miller (Live vocals and synths 2003 - 2010) Guest Vocals on Empath, Let's Go Dark and The Magic In My Heart is Dead EP.
  • Andrew Ramirez (Band and live member 1999-2002. Appears on Artificial CD and Perception EP.


  • Artificial (1999)[2]
  • Perception (EP) (2002)
  • Empath (2003)
  • Artificial 2.0 (2004)
  • Victims Among Friends (EP) (2004)
  • Viscera (2005)[3]
  • Let's Go Dark (2007)
  • The Magic In My Heart Is Dead (2010)
  • Rituals (EP) (2010)
  • Séance (2011)
  • Empath 2.0 (2013)
  • Psychic Surgery: The Victims Among Friends and Perception EPs (2013)
  • False Face (2014)
  • Prophecy (2015)


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