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The God Is Love Pentecostal Church or Igreja Pentecostal Deus É Amor (IPDA) is a Brazilian-based Pentecostal denomination. It is considered part of the second wave of Pentecostalism in Brazil.[1]

Igreja Pentecostal Deus é Amor was founded in São Paulo in 1962, by Daví Martins de Miranda (or David Miranda). By 1995 it had spread to 30 other countries, with a membership of 800,000 members in 2001 Census.[2] As of 2003, there were 8,140 churches.

World headquarters of the denomination are located in the center of São Paulo.

The Church's emphasis is on divine healing and exorcism. The IPDA requires its members to adhere to a strict code of living. For example, they are not allowed to watch television.


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