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Daimon of Goda-ikka

The Goda-ikka (合田一家, Gōda-ikka) is a yakuza group based in Yamaguchi, Japan.[1] The Goda-ikka is a designated yakuza group and Yamaguchi Prefecture's largest yakuza group with an estimated 440 members.[2]


The group was formed in 1948 as the Goda-gumi (合田組, Gōda-gumi) in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi by Koichi Goda, then a member of an old yakuza clan named the Kagotora-gumi. The Goda-gumi was renamed the Goda-ikka in 1968.[3] The Goda-ikka was registered as a designated yakuza group under the Organized Crime Countermeasures Law in July 1992.[4]

Kanji Nukui became the six generation president in 1994. In October 2009 following Nukui's retirement, Makoto Suehiro succeeded Nukui, becoming the president of the seventh generation Goda-ikka.[2]



Based in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, the Goda-ikka has its known offices in two other prefectures.[5]

The Goda-ikka is the largest yakuza group in Yamaguchi Prefecture followed by the Yamaguchi-gumi, and as of 2008, about 64% of yakuza members in Yamaguchi Prefecture belong to the Goda-ikka.[6]

Since 1996, the Goda-ikka has been a member of an anti-Yamaguchi federation named the Gosha-kai, along with three other Chugoku-based organizations, the Kyosei-kai, the Kyodo-kai, the Asano-gumi, and the Shikoku-based Shinwa-kai.[7]


  • 1st: Koichi Goda
  • 2nd: Ichiro Hamabe
  • 3rd: Akira Hamasaki
  • 4th: Tomoharu Kawasaki
  • 5th: Daiko Yamanaka
  • 6th: Kanji Nukui
  • 7th: Makoto Suehiro (Korean name: Kim Kyo-Hwan, 김교환)