Goderich District Collegiate Institute

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Goderich District Collegiate Institute
260 South Street
Goderich, Ontario, N7A 3M5
Coordinates 43°44′05″N 81°42′43″W / 43.7346°N 81.7120°W / 43.7346; -81.7120Coordinates: 43°44′05″N 81°42′43″W / 43.7346°N 81.7120°W / 43.7346; -81.7120
School type High School
Motto Palman non sine pulvere
(no palm without dust)
Founded 1841
School board Avon Maitland District School Board
Superintendent J. Baker
Principal E. Salmon
Grades 7 to 12
Language English
Area Goderich Vicinity
Colour(s) Blue & White
Mascot A Viking
Team name Vikings

Goderich District Collegiate Institute (G.D.C.I.) is the only high school in the town of Goderich, Ontario. It is home to the Goderich Vikings, and has a reputation for academic excellence, athletics, and drama.

School history[edit]

G.D.C.I. was established as a Grammar School in 1841, and was privately run for over 30 years. In 1874, the local School Board purchased a site at the corners of Picton Street, Wellington Street, and Elgin Avenue in Goderich, and opened the new G.D.C.I. in 1875. Its enrollment grew to 200 students within six years. At its peak, it has had enrollment of up to 1000 students. G.D.C.I. is now home to 600 students from around Goderich and area.

This building was expanded three times and eventually replaced in 1951 with the building on South Street that students attend today. There have been several additions, such as the West Gym which was added in 1965, along with the Technical wing and the library. The latest renovations include the science labs and geography rooms which were added in 1990, as well as a complete redesign to expand the library.[1]

In 2010, the school began to house grades 7 and 8. This followed the merging of Victoria Public School and Robertson Public School into one, Goderich Public School, during the 2009-2010 school year.


G.D.C.I. boasts a very active and successful sports team, under the name of The Vikings, often shortened to Vikes. During home games throughout the year, a large percentage of students turn out to games in what is called a 'House of Blue'; where students wear blue and paint themselves up in blue and white to cheer on their peers with Viking spirit. The school mascot is a Viking named Victor. Victor is often accompanied by his minion: Monkey. The two mascots work up the crowd with chants of "Whose House?!", "Our House!".

The arts[edit]

Not only does G.D.C.I. have successful sports teams, they are also very successful in the Arts.


G.D.C.I. has a very successful Drama club, having gone to the provincial level of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival five times out of the past eight years. Since 2002, the Drama club has won 71 awards, which includes awards to the company, and individual actors, musicians, directors.[2]


G.D.C.I. boasts numerous bands, including Jazz and Concert.

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