Godfrey Haga

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Godfrey Haga
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Godfrey Haga (born in Isingen,[a] Duchy of Württemberg, 30 November 1745; died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5 February 1825) was a United States merchant, politician and philanthropist.


After emigrating to the United States, he settled in Philadelphia, where he became a merchant, and was connected with the principal charitable and mercantile institutions of the city. He was a member of the Philadelphia City Council in 1797-1800, and of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1800-01. He was a director of the Insurance Company of North America, 1800-1825.[1] He bequeathed an estate valued at $350,000 to charitable purposes.


  1. ^ Now the village of Ising in the French department of Moselle. See German exonyms (Moselle).


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