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Godfrey Mwampembwa, pen name Gado, is the most syndicated political cartoonist in East and Central Africa, and for over two decades a contributor to the Daily Nation (Kenya), New African (U.K.), Courrier International (France), Sunday Tribune (South Africa), Le Monde, Washington Times, Des Standard, and Japan Times.[citation needed]

He works regularly for Daily Nation (Kenya), New African (United Kingdom), Courrier International (France) and Business Day and Sunday Tribune (both South Africa). He also produced cartoons for Le Monde, The Washington Times, Der Standard and Japan Times.[1]

He served as an editorial cartoonist at the Daily Nation[2] until he was sacked in March 2016.[3]


Gado joined in 1991 at the Ardhi Institute to study architecture. After a year he left the institute to become the Nation Media Group cartoonist and illustrator. In 2000 he studied classical animation and film at the film school in Vancouver. [1]


Gado designs funny cartoons on local regional and international issues, which he clarifies the impact of social, political and cultural conflicts have on the individual. With great simplicity He brings brittle elements up without going to the essential humanity of these topics.[4]

Gado opposes political interference and is a local pioneer who explores his limits. He is an inspiration for other artists through its contribution to the democratization and the freedom of expression in eastern Africa . He is the most syndicated cartoonist in East and Central Africa.[4]

During his stay at Fabrica research centre in Treviso, he produced an animation production on racism [1]


In 1999 Gado was named Kenyan Cartoonist of the Year.[5]

In 1996 he was awarded the International Olympic Media Award for print media [1] and in 1999 was Mwampembwa Cartoonist of the Year Kenya. He was one of the twelve participants of the exhibition Cartooning for Peace of the United Nations in 2006.

In 2007 he was awarded the Prince Claus Award of the Prince Claus Fund within the theme Culture and conflict. The jury praised him for "his courageous cartoons which he humorously shows aspects of social and political conflicts, and an inspiration to the struggle of free expression."

In 2014 & 2016, Gado was named as one of the100 most influential people in Africa by The NewAfrican, Africa’s most influential magazine

Gado, (together with Cartoonist Zunar from Malaysia), is a recipient of the prestigious Cartoon for Peace 2016 International Editorial Cartoon award, awarded to them by Kofi Annan on world Press Day, May 3.[6]



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