Godfrey de Luci

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Godfrey de Luci
Bishop of Winchester
Appointed 15 September 1189
Term ended 11 September 1204
Predecessor Richard of Ilchester
Successor Richard Poore
Consecration 22 October 1189
Personal details
Died 11 September 1204
Denomination Catholic
Previous post Archdeacon of Richmond

Godfrey de Luci (also Godfrey de Lucy) was a medieval Bishop of Winchester.


Godfrey de Luci was the second son of Richard de Luci and his wife Rohese.[1] He had an elder brother Geoffrey, and three sisters, Maud, Alice, and Aveline.[2]

Godfrey was dean of St. Martin le Grand in London before being appointed Archdeacon of Derby in the diocese of Lichfield about 1171. He was Archdeacon of Richmond in the diocese of York before 18 August 1184. He also held prebends in the dioceses of Exeter, Lincoln, London and Salisbury. He was also a royal justice.[1]

Godfrey was nominated to the see of Winchester 15 September 1189 and consecrated as Bishop 22 October 1189.[3]

Godfrey was named the guardian of his nephews, sons of his elder brother, Geoffrey, but they died without heirs and the lands were divided between their sisters. In 1194, he fell out of favour with King Richard, but by the start of King John's reign he had recovered his lands.[4]

Godfrey died on 11 September 1204[3] or on 12 September.[5]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Richard of Ilchester
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
Richard Poore