Godfrey of Bath

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Godfrey of Bath
Bishop of Bath
Appointed 25 March 1123
Predecessor John of Tours
Successor Robert
Other posts queen's chaplain
Consecration 26 August 1123
by William de Corbeil
Personal details
Born Leuven
Died 16 August 1135
Buried Bath Abbey

Godfrey (died 1135) was a medieval Bishop of Bath.


Godfrey was a native of Leuven and was chaplain to Adeliza of Louvain, second wife of King Henry I of England. Godfrey served as chaplain both before and after her marriage to the king.[1] He came with her to England when she married Henry I.[2]

Godfrey was nominated 25 March 1123, and consecrated 26 August 1123[3] by Archbishop William de Corbeil of Canterbury at St. Paul's London.[1] During the last years of King Henry I's rule, Godfrey was often at the king's court and received a number of charters from the king.[4]

Godfrey died on 16 August 1135[3] and was buried in Bath Abbey near the north altar.[1]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
John of Tours
Bishop of Bath
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