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Origin Karlstad, Sweden
Genres Melodic Death Metal
Doom Metal
Gothic Metal
Years active 1992–2004
Labels Nuclear Blast
Members Matte Andersson
Erik Andersson
Past members Mikael Dahlqvist
Stefan Grundel
Henrik Lindström
Fredric Danielsson
Thomas Heder

Godgory was a Swedish melodic death metal or death doom metal band that was formed August 1992 by Erik Andersson (Drums) and Matte Andersson (Vocals) of no relation.


In the beginning Godgory only played covers from bands like Napalm Death, Entombed, Cemetary, Unleashed and Grave. It wasn't until April 1994 they entered the Unisound studio and recorded their debut demo entitled "Demo-94".

They sent out the demo to labels and zines around the world and the response was very good. One label wanted to sign Godgory for a full-length CD, so they went to Unisound again in November 1994 and recorded "Sea of dreams", they recorded it over a weekend with much overtime. The deal with that label went up in smoke, so Godgory was left with a full-length CD recorded and no label. They decided to send out the tape to labels and ask them if they want to release the album. Invasion Records from Germany wanted to release Godgory's CD and signed them for one more album. These things took some time, which is why "Sea of dreams" wasn't released until January 1996.

"Sea of dreams" received very good reviews in magazines around the world and has sold about 5000 copies. Godgory wanted to prove that they could do a better album, so in October 1996 they went to Unisound again and recorded "Shadow's dance". This time they had a sixth member, Thomas Heder on keyboard, and they spent 3 weeks in the studio and recorded every instrument one by one and not live like they did on "Sea of dreams". Shadow's dance also received very good reviews and ended up on the 7th place on Rockhards Dynamite list. Shadow's dance has sold about 10,000 copies.

New line up[edit]

After Godgory had recorded "Shadow's dance", Erik and Matte thought it was better to let 3 of the members go from Godgory: Mikael Dahlqvist Guitar, Fredric Danielsson Bass, and Thomas Heder Keyboard. They were involved in another band to which they gave first priority. Erik and Matte wanted members that could concentrate on Godgory 100% and things can easily crash with each other if there is another band to do things with. Stefan Grundel (formerly Olsson) rhythm guitarist left Godgory to concentrate on his education. So now it was only the Erik and Matte left, with no contract and no members. Godgory had heard that Nuclear Blast were interested in them, so they phoned them up and asked if they still were interested, lucky for Godgory they were. Godgory signed with Nuclear Blast. In May 1998 Godgory recorded one new song for the Nuclear Blast sampler "Beauty in darkness vol 3", the song entitled "Conspiracy of silence". They recorded in studio "Fasaden" which is 80 kilometres from Godgory's hometown Karlstad. Since Godgory had no members they asked their former members Mikael Dahlqvist (Guitar) and Thomas Heder (Keyboard) if they had time to help them in the studio, they accepted and did a great work. Godgory decided to use that studio for their third album "Resurrection" so in October 1998 they went to studio "Fasaden" again and spent 5 weeks in the studio. Mikael and Thomas was session musicians also this time. Godgory also invited Fredrik Olsson as a reciter, since he has written many lyrics for Godgory, they thought it could be cool to let him do all the whispering and Matte handled the growl parts. It worked out excellent. "Resurrection" was released in May-99 and received good reviews from Mags around the world and it also ended up at number 8 on the Rockhard Dynamite list.

After the successfully Resurrection, Godgory decided to take some time off to concentrate and feel where they wanted to go with their music. The whole album was written in six months and pre produced in a homestudio, and then directly after that Godgory entered studio Fredman. Godgory were really looking forward to enter such great and famous studio, with the excellent producer Fredrik Nordström.


Demo Albums[edit]

1994 - Demo '94

Studio Albums[edit]

Date of Release Title Label
1995 Sea of Dreams Invasion Records
1996 Shadow's Dance Invasion Records
1999 Resurrection Nuclear Blast
2001 Way Beyond Nuclear Blast