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Godin Guitars
IndustryMusical instruments
Founded1972; 49 years ago (1972)
FounderRobert Godin
Montreal, Quebec
Area served
ProductsElectric and acoustic guitars, basses
Number of employees
  • Seagull Guitars
  • Simon & Patrick Guitars
  • Norman Guitars
  • Art & Lutherie Guitars
  • La Patrie Guitars
  • TRIC

Godin Guitars is a Canadian manufacturing company headquartered in Montreal that specializes in string instruments. The company is owned by founder Robert Godin, CM.

Range of products currently manufactured by Godin includes electric and acoustic guitars and basses. The company also produced ukuleles, mandolins,[1] and ouds (named "multi oud")[2] in the past.


Godin started building Robert Godin's guitars in 1972 in La Patrie, Quebec. The head office is located in Montreal, and they build instruments in six factories in four locations—three in Quebec and one in New Hampshire.

Godin Guitars makes instruments under several different labels. Norman makes entry- to pro-level acoustic guitars. Art & Lutherie makes entry-level budget acoustic guitars. The Simon and Patrick brand make mid- to high-range steel-string acoustics. La Patrie manufactures classical guitars. Seagull makes solid wood entry- to professional-range acoustic guitars. Guitars under the Godin brand are primarily mid-range to top-of the-line electrics that are made of high quality wood from the northeastern part of North America. They have many models that feature synth hex pickups (MIDI-equipped[3]) and some with piezo pickup-equipped bridges. Godin 'SA' guitars have piezo bridge pickups which provide six separate outputs via a Roland GK cable socket, making them compatible with Roland and other guitar-synthesizer units and the VG series of guitar modelling units.

Godin's guitars have won several awards, including Guitar Player magazine's Editors Pick for the LG, Exit 22, and Freeway Classic. Godin's popular LG Hmb is made of mahogany with a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. The scale length is 24.75", the neck radius is 14" and it has 22 frets. The 2004 model features a five way switch for neck, neck-split to single, neck and humbucker in parallel, bridge-split to single and bridge. The pickups are ceramic.

Godin also makes the Multiac line of hybrid guitars which are available as steel string or nylon string, incorporating both piezo and magnetic pickups, built-in DI circuitry and/or MIDI.

Brands and products[edit]

Brand Products
Godin Guitars Guitars
Seagull Guitars Acoustic guitars
Norman Guitars Acoustic guitars
Simon & Patrick Guitars Acoustic guitars
Art & Lutherie Guitars Acoustic guitars
La Patrie Guitars Classical guitars
Tric Guitar Cases


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