Godlee Observatory

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Godlee Observatory
Organization Manchester Astronomical Society, University of Manchester
Location Sackville Street Building, Manchester, England
Coordinates 53°28′34.12″N 2°13′57.52″W / 53.4761444°N 2.2326444°W / 53.4761444; -2.2326444Coordinates: 53°28′34.12″N 2°13′57.52″W / 53.4761444°N 2.2326444°W / 53.4761444; -2.2326444
Altitude 77.4m
8" refracting telescope Grubb of Dublin
12" Newtonian reflector Grubb of Dublin
Godlee Observatory is located in the United Kingdom
Godlee Observatory
Location of Godlee Observatory

The Godlee Observatory is an old astronomical observatory located in a tower on the roof of the University of Manchester's Sackville Street Building (formerly UMIST Main Building), in the City Centre of Manchester, England. It was given to the city of Manchester by Francis Godlee when construction was completed in 1902.[1]

The observatory is operated by the Manchester Astronomical Society.


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